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Justin Whitson Owner of Stronghold Home Improvement in Kalamazoo, MI.

Stronghold Home Improvement: Southwest Michigan's Trusted General Contractor providing siding, decking, painting and home renovation services for Greater Kalamazoo Area homeowners. 

As a licensed Michigan Residential Builder and tradesman with over 15 years of contacting experience, I've enjoyed helping hundreds of homeowners complete their decking, siding, painting and home renovation projects. What I like most about being a general contractor is meeting with my clients to learn about their home improvement needs, developing a plan that makes sense for everyone, and completing their project in a satisfying way. Maybe you need a full siding replacement or your house painted, or you just need a deck repair from someone you can trust. Whatever your home renovation or repair need is, let's schedule an estimate appointment, walkthrough your project together and make a solid plan that will get you to the results that you're looking for.

Thank you,

Justin Whitson


Stronghold Home Improvement

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